Starting a new chapter in your life can seem like a lonely and difficult process. At Tech Masters Academy, we ensure that each journey is made easier with our strong team supporting and guiding each step along yourway. We believe that the right set of skills, tools and assistance, are key to success and achieving each individual’s ambitions. Our team is built on the success of our students and graduates, each leaving with their own brighter future. In addition Tech Masters Academy helps organizations understand their needs and provide investment in the correct areas.



Our Academy software testing certification pathway equips you with skills and techniques you need to thrive in the complex software testing landscape. Our broad range of courses allows you to develop your competencies in line with your organization’s specific approaches to software and systems development.

Whatever your preferred learning style is, our certification offers formats to suit, including classroom training & online. Explore new testing tools and methods, and learn how to identify improvements to optimize quality and efficiency in your organization.

In addition, when you achieve Tech Masters Software Testing Certification you benchmark your capabilities against the globally recognized professional testing standard, setting yourself apart as an expert in your field and an asset to any progressive tech team.


The Apache JMeter™  is an open source testing software. It is 100% pure java application for load and performance testing. JMeter is designed to analyze and measure the performance and load functional behavior of web application and variety of services.

Apache JMeter designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. You can use JMeter to analyze and measure the performance of web application or a variety of services. Performance Testing means testing a web application against heavy load, multiple and concurrent user traffic



Our extensive 40+ hours of Selenium Training cover both basic and advanced topics to help you become an expert Selenium Test Automation Engineer. By joining our Selenium online training, you will be proficient in WebDriver, Selenium IDE, Remote Control, & Grid. You will also be learning Build Tools (Maven), Continuous Integration Tools (Jenkins), Repository Tools (GitHub) which also help in learning the DevOps. Latest frameworks like Page-Pattern Cucumber, Hybrid frameworks & API Automation using Rest Assured.

We provide you with assignments, training material, selenium tutorials and recorded videos for a complete learning experience. Our Instructors are working professionals who give you real world knowledge and examples, and are the best in their field..



Java is the most widely used programming language with a wide range of application.Tech Masters Academys Java course focuses on the core language features and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) you will use to design effective object-oriented and functional programming applications. The delegate will learn how to design and develop robust Java code that is easy to test and maintain and can be integrated into multiple applications. Our Java certification course includes topics such as different frameworks, UI Development, INTERNET OF THINGS and ECLIPSE Iot, Database Development, Web Security and SEO, Agile & Scrum methodologies, Web Server, Web Hosting and Cloud Computing, Version Control Systems, Application Development and Server side programming.